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Welcome Brothers! 

A small group of your Phi Kap Alumni Brothers joined together several years ago to form this website as a means of communication between our Alumni.  

As you probably know, the Friday Niter has been the Quarterly newsletter customarily published by the Active Chapter.  We hope that this website will be able to serve as an “electronic” Friday Niter, among many other things.  Over time you will see that we can publish great memories and photos as well as updates here and, for the most part, so can you.  We have an In Memory section where information will be posted about lost brothers and others are able to post their own personal tributes or memories of them.

The website will never have any advertising and your personal information such as address, phone and email address will never be shared with anyone, including other Brothers.  Even without sharing that information, other brothers can communicate with you via the website once both you and they are registered.  Predominantly, pages are not viewable by the general public and one must be registered with a password in order to view them. This protects your privacy even further.  If you are not logged in with a password, you will not be able to view them.

Please take a few minutes to register so that you can view all pages and encourage other brothers who you are in contact with to do so as well.  The website will only be as successful as the number of participants there are.

Special Thanks to a handful of brothers from the ‘60s and ‘70s who have persevered in their goal of reconnecting with other brothers.

So, go ahead.  Click on GETTING STARTED and register yourself by following the steps provided.  Then,  enjoy and then let us know what you think.  Start interacting with other registered Brothers. 

For questions or comments, you can get in touch with us at any time by clicking on CONTACT US in the upper bar of the homepage and sending us an e-mail.